Individual Work
Speculation Design
March 2020- May 2020

Attachment Bonding System

Attachment Bonding System is a speculative service design aimed for future parents-children bonding revealing my concerns towards the intimate violence. The emotional blackmail involved has been a toxic stuff in different kinds of relationships, and I focus my attention on the parentage.

This project triggered my enthusiasm of digging the dark side of humanity. Since it relates to many complicating psychological states and adoptive situations when it comes to the adoption system, I’ve done more than three rounds of research to iterate my opinions on this topic. Covering from scanning bunch of papers regarding psychology, searching for the global data record of adoption to studying the existing adoption system, I doubted the general idea that biological ties matter the most in family formation. The attachment bonding requires the willingness of parenting, the affection towards children and the responsibilities of investing. Incorrectly taken for granted, the crowd tend to believe that all of these can be guaranteed by the biological ties. However, there exist the biological parents who selfishly don’t like children but still have them under the social pressure and the adoptive parents who love children but still be doubted by the surroundings. Eventually, all the harm go buried in the children themselves.

To go against the tide, I want to critically speculate a future where the families are not defined by the biological ties. Although it’s a speculative project, I don’t want it to be a fantasy unfettered by the bounds of reality. During the analysis, I compared the data collected and the theories recorded to list out the problems under this context. Bearing the background of Science, I always reflect on technology to see how it can be used to serve for the shortcoming of humanity. For the technical research, I scanned bunch of the papers from conferences like CHI who discuss the potential usage of cutting edge technology according to the problem statement I’ve concluded. In summary, I integrated my technical thinking with my sensitive insight into problems regarding social science to reform the existing adoption system.