Final project

Inspiration Reference

Considering the limited time and knowledge for Unity project, I looked up some pieces as moodboard reference for my inspiration:
TV series: Alice in Borderland, Rick and Morty, Westworld
Movie: The Matrix
Manga: 豬窩
Vimeo: Astray to the spacedge, METAPHOR ; dreamin’ - Surrealism Video


I’m pretty old school in terms of digital products but I have met many people heavily dependent on the IoT-surrounded house in my real life. Besides, I always hold critical attitude towads the emerging technology myself and keep suspicious of anything in a trend.
Therefore, I want to sarcastically illusrate a machine-born human world by a destined predictable loop of journey like a program. 

Symbol Explaination

Vaporwave Style
I personally love vaporwave and its cultural background is also compatible with this kind of sarcastic theme. It’s about the reflection towards the collapse of capitalism and consumerism covered by the unreal phantom of boom. I use the vaporwave soundtrack to create this kind of chill atmosphere to contrast with the on-going collapse ahead, the sarcasm culminates in this silent catastrophe.
Mountain Road
I found the 3D asset of a moutain road loop so I can make the Unity Video an endless cycle like loop() function. It symbolize the effort in vain.
Big Screens Falling
In a certain episode of Rick and Morty, there are some big head aliens throwing a talent contest among all the planets. The earth people doesn’t know what they are talking about so they just interpret the words into something serious even though they are just talking nonsense.
So I made the screens really big and fall from the sky with audio source triggered in the certain span of distance from the start. The huge thing tends to symbolize something sacred and unshakable, I want to make the firstperspective audience feel the insignificancy in front of the collapse of these giants.
Snow Mountain
The high altitude and extreme climate of snow mountain is like a symbol for the place of worshiping, so I put the final end of the road towards the snow mountain to imitate the pilgrimage.
The Creation of Adam
I use the approaching hands from The Creation of Adam like a guidance pointing to the destined fate. The hands are big but with the texture like some creatures from higher level outside of the “world” in our perception.
TV with sculpture coming out
It symbolizes the machine-born humanity. And I copy the position of starting point to the second camera and texture it on the ending screen to make it as a predictable destined loop.