In Silence with Silence will be your strength

with Eva Zhou
A narrative immersive experience of self reconciliation.
A journey of regaining the position of “I” through the lost of shape.
The Marvelous Absence.


This interactive game is based on a real-life story. Everything is going to deconstructs the subjectivity of "I." The illusion "I" saw, the voices "I" heard. Wait... "I'm" going to take a deep breath. "I" to face the unprecedented "alienation" -- loneliness, contradiction, confusion…

This game is a sequence of  4 different narrative chapters, which ultimately translate the "I" into a fragile balance of feeling extremely intimate yet alienated from everything else. A muscular tension in these unities of opposites makes "I" overwhelming by using spirals, moving patterns, optical illusions, and spatial sounds. It conveys a surreal environment and the undeniable feeling that things "I" cannot control but it will be "my" strength. "I" look at it, and it looks at "I"; even if it reveals despair, it still feels so beautiful.


Our inspiration came from movies, paintings, sculptures, philosophical theories, books, poems, and journals we wrote. We want to gather/recreate these pieces into our sequences to reflect "I" current emotions and use them as a hint to guide players.


We cooperated in the narration together while I do development and Eva does worldbuilding. Here is the Interaction Development Documentation.

Full Version Video