Project 2

Final version

group member: Persia, Chengbo Xing

After the seconde round of player-test feedback from the class, I listed the following points to be modified through the iteration:
1.  The self connection with spaceship is not apparent for:
     - the 3D environment is too distractive which makes the 2D panel confusing
     - the delay and the slow speed of spaceship makes the joystick feels bad
     - the speed between white and green is too close so users think themselves as the green one
2. The system of game scoring is not understandable for:
     - the concept of “catching” is kind of vague
     - the fuel bar is not understandable


The UI panel for spaceship
The 3D environment is too distractive, so we weaken the sight of 3D but strengthen the weight of 2D panel that is crucial for the game control.
Enlarge the mathematics for the valocity of spaceship and lower the delay interval from arduino to reduce the delay feeling of joystick. The first version has a delay of 100ms in Arduino which make the layback more apparent.
Add the visual point feedback beside the fuel bar to clarify the role of differerent balls. Use the lag CHOP to slow down the adding point counting. Change the value of add10/minus10 constant to 1 when the counting value is changing and change to 0 when the value reaches integer, then use the add10/minus10 value to control the alpha of visual feedback.
Calculate the timer into minute and second value to add the visual count down.

Final Version of Galaxy Squid Game

1.  The fuel bar is limited but the score actually can exceed 100, so when the -10 situation occurs while the score is actually greater than 100, the bar will not change.
2.  The delay still exists. The principle of joystick is holding the position instead of twist it in a short interval but we couldn’t control the unexpectedly assumption from users who are not familiar with joystick and the delay will cause more confusion to them.