Future AI History Museum

by Persia,Qiongting
Under the context where AI has influenced the definition of human rights, the definition of the existence of “Dead” and “Live” has also been changed. The extended lives that are physically dead generated by AI and the living people share the same community. AI’s somehow has the same right to be recorded and memorized as humans’, and the community is a mixture of virtual AI-supported extended lives and the real people.
1. The people
We used the green screen in runway to cut out the people from the video of walking people, and used Pr to get rid of the green background.
2. The AI generated hybrid creature
We used runwal self-generated creature to represent the AI nature history, and used text generator to describe the creature it creates.
The generated text:

A ear of the elephant on the head of a man, the shadow is on the bed or protuberance in the skull. The artist Simon Fraser created a style of art described by the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography as " erotic, sensual, and twisted ". The Irish poet E. C. Waite has been said to have influenced the style of Surrealism. Class distinction has not always been reflected in art, with painting identified as being stereotyped as art in European art and literature, and sculpture dismissed as false.
3. The AI generated videos and images
4. ID design
To illustrate the concept of blending community where AI extended physically “dead” people live with real people, we design the ID card for them.
The Final Present