Project 1

by Persia, Yan and Stella

Puppet theatre idea

When the users are far away from the puppet theatre, the palm tree will keep rotating to grab users’ attention. Then when they get closer, the palm tree will stopp rotating and the bird will start going up and down. When users speak or blow the microphone, the LEDs will start blinking like breathing.
The things we use:
L298N motor driver
7805 voltage regulator

Right angle gear motor


SharpIR sensor

Servo motor
The rotating palm tree

We use servo motor to keep palm tree rotating because the motor is too fast for its rotation.
The flying bird test

We use the gear motor to tangle up the string to let the bird go up and down.

To test the possibility of using microphone to sense the breath, I use breath on the microphone to control the movement of bird.
Microphone test

We tested the possibility of detecting blowing by microphone, and the threshol of 900 can be applied to the blowing near to the microphone.
SharpIR distance sensor

We used ultrasonic sensor at first but it didn’t work most of the time. So we tried the SharpIR distance sensor. When the audience is close enough for blowing on the mircrophone, the distance value is approximately smaller than 30.
Final scene of Puppet Theatre
When the audience is faw away from the puppet theatre, the palm tree keeps rotating to grab their attention. When they get closer to the puppet theatre, the palm tree will stop. When the audience blows on the microphone, the orange light will turn on and the bird will go down to catch the fish.