Brainstorming for project 2 

by Persia,Qiongting
Inspired by “The Machine Stops”, we are picturing a future where the flesh of human beings have been abandoned and all of us live on the digital metaverse. Everyone is a pile of data and the dead ones are the extension generated by AI based on the data before death. So the future will be a mixture of AI-supported humans and digital humans bearing “dead” and “alive” identity respectively. Under this context, the displays in the history museum will represent the history of machine learning like the ancient man-made tools for humans.

Therefore, we planned to use following models to illustrate our idea.
Hybrid creature model
put several random images into the model to generate the image of ML-made creature to be put on display in the museum.
Image description model
put the generated image of ML-made creature into the model to get the understanding of hybrid from AI’s opinion.
Text generation model
put the description above into test generation model to get further opinions about the hybrid.
Sequal video editing
find a video piece of museum tour, alternate the displays to the Hybrid creature images.
extract several people from the video, add extra effect on them and put them on the synthetic video.
alternate the content in people’s ID cards to the ones containing the information representing “dead” or “alive”.