Week 3

Diverse Experiments 

The things I have:
Force sensor


Right angle gear motor
7805 voltage regulator

DC motor
L298N motor driver
Motor test

the problem is that the DC motors’ power are not enough to rotate until I press one of them by my thumb.
Two motors controled by L298N motor driver
I couldn’t find L298N in fritzing
I used potentiometer to control the speed and tilt left and right to control the saperate motors.
Accelemeter with Touchdesigner

the first trial on sending data from arduino to Touchdesigner.
Potentiometer + Forcesensor + Touchdesigner
I was trying to combine accelemeter data with force data and send to touchdesigner but the

problem was that
when I open the serial in touchdesigner it couldn’t detect the arduino, if I unplug the cable on nano’s side it will regain serial from arduino but the data in the serial port will be disordered. It seems like the serial will be disturbed by touchdesigner and I haven’t figured out.
Anyway, I combine simpler component like potentiometer and force sensor to test, the problem I list above still exist but the level of disorder is tolerant for the outcome. Still not very understand.