Sequencer practice

This short video originated from my idea for PeekeeP.  The idea is still under consideration but I just want to have a try on more realistic style world building. Still not sure what kind of video footage would be suitable for the final project so this might be my experiment on virtual production skills.
Continuing on my past projects about loop, I want to integrate realistic style and backroom architecture in the sequencer practice. I found the free tech properties asset to be the office room and built the backroom style hallway. During the worldbuilding I learnt about the usage of Decal on the wall, Camera attached to the socket (head), VHS post-processing effect on camera, Interior lighting in UE5.
I added a drunk walking avatar into the scene and attached the camera on the head to create the first perspective view. I placed the post-process volumn with VHS effect onto two cameras simulating the positions of ceiling monitors to create the third-person monitor view. I switched the camera cut between first and third person perspective to lift up the horror and thrilling atmosphere and depicted the blurred boundary between peeking and being peeked.
I actually forgot to put a media player into it so I put the planes playing the original sequencer I have made onto the monitors on the hall way.