High-resolution Screenshot Photo Compositing

Since I have created a brainless, heartless and genderless avatar during the class of Performative Avatars, I assume this would be a great opportunity for me to composite a picture involving me and my representative giant avatar. So I chose one of my photo which has a tribe style suitable for sacred atmosphere. I cut out myself in the Photoshop and integrate it between the foreground and background screenshot from Unreal Engine. I also use Blender to rig my avatar into the gesture of grabing on the rock.
During the composition in Photoshop, I pick the color from the rock and fill a layer with the color in the mode of soft light. I cover the layer with the mask and paint it in gradient to make the lighting on me more realistic. The custom depth function in Unreal Engine also enables the export of foreground and background. Since my avatar was always partially blocked out, I cut out the avatar myself in the post processing.