reviews for “The Danger of a Single Story”

“Never stick a label” is the crucial message that pops into my mind.

It’s never unusual for a human to rush to a conclusion on everything. We are overwhelmed by more unknown than the known. The nature of figuring out the general laws conflicts with the fact that we actually know little. Uncertainty can be the source of anxiety and fear, for which we tend to use the information we already know to predict the rest of them. It’s good for the scientific theories, but it’s a whole different story when it comes to the real world.

It’s this behavior tendency of so-called “prediction” blocks us away from the ignored truth. The true story is the unbiased truth where all existing realities matter. Story should not be cold as AI to sort out hierarchy according to the proportion. All folks of life are the roles of their own stories. They deserve to be seen and they deserve to be heard, categorizing them under certain kinds of lable shows no respect at all.

We shall not build up a Truman show as our surroundings to constraint our eyesights. Listening to the single story is abandoning your right to understand something out of your reach, letting others’ opinions conquer your mind and occupy as a residence of stereotype.