Write your first post about your skills and interests in 3D and filmmaking

I took the classes of Performative Avatars and Live image processing and Performing last semester and got hands-on experience on the sequencer and live streaming with Unreal Engine. Besides the specific storytelling in filmmaking, I’m interested in abstract storytelling through the multisensory design which can be created in the UE environment.

For my own concept art pieces, I tried live storytelling in LIPP through a performative first perspective walking simulator and I was fascinated by the world building capabilities UE has on lifting up the immersive atmosphere by constructing the lighting in architecture. Although I didn’t major in Architecture, I have a strong interest in narrative space. I want to get more professional knowledge on camera capture which can be a boost for the immersive video.

For the commercial industry, I hope to learn VFX and motion capture techniques to get to a higher level of music video production and live performance. I have been using Touchdesigner on installation and VJ stuff, with OSC and NDI. I want to try other creative methods of photography before the post processing.