Final Performance

& - Performative Walking Simulator

The intersection of different conditions in coding math
A reconciliation of diversity
To embrace dynamic self

Performative Walking Simulator as an immersive avatar cursor in
Narrative Architecture for abstract storytelling.
Five Chapters Five Rooms
First perspective character as an immersive actor going through the atmospheric rooms in sequence to convey the feelings and emotions through camera streaming.
Chapter 1 - MIRAGE
The sculpture and shadow as symbol of real and unreal
Observing and Being an outsider

Chapter 2 - SINK
The endless vertical tower of upside down crowd and reflections
Wandering around / Lingering in the world
Lifting downward to the core

Chapter 3 - CORE
The fragmented mirrors as symbol of the precursor of chaos
Silence and Peace
Chapter 4 - PUREGOTARY
Mixture of self & ego
Trapped in the world between

Chapter 5 - RE-ENTRY
The revelation of hidden
Fully awaken