Assignment 5

for assignment 5, I chose “Notes from the Underground”  and “On the Heights of Despair” to use Markov modol and the gpt2 generator. The former one is more like mind-wandering monologue while the latter one is more like a depressing philosophical work. I want to modify the mixing weight between two text to lift the generated text from a monologue to a more abstract feeling, and insert the gpt2 generator text in it the create a vibe of poem.
The first version only plays with the mixture of two text by Markov model. When I narrow down the length of markov generated sentence, sometimes the result is None which somehow matches with the vibe of the whole pessimistic vibe.
How is enjoyment in the room.
As I was going away or not going away. And so let it be a kind of remorese.
Not living under the sign of death.
Let everything vibrate in me only now. How I hated her if she comes?
Time, in this turmoil .
The second version I integrated the totally generated text to see how the five line stanza will look like.
I had my underground hole.
I love someone, but since she is the son of the god.
destiny. Man’s consciousness is a self-created consciousness, one or none of the other, that is the most fundamental function of existence. The essence is the human consciousness. In everything then has a monopoly on suffering.

Anyway, one can keep it!
That never breaks into its final form. When
If only for the truth.

There was a nightmare.
of a local library, and your punishment is handed back. The library will be replaced by your own.
As a result, when you get kicked out of the library you don’t have to use your
and remain more distinct than when drawn within these, but even in the midst of one’s own great passions or, the more numerous of them can be said as well, the
I am afraid of lights in it.