Realities are relative.
Humans search for the truth they can’t assure of their perceived reality and strive to create the micro reality to regain the feeling of knowing, to make up for the feeling of innocence towards the greater reality they are not aware of.  What they perceive is part of the chain.
They are just part of the nested loop.

Mind-body Dualism, Near-Death-Experience research by Anthony Peake
Brain and body acts like television for the flow of consciousness.

2001 Space Odyssey
The image of star-like child at the end of the movie symbolize life format of greater level without the measurement of time and space.

Truman Show/ The Matrix
Observing and Being Observed. What is reality? What do you choose to see and believe as your micro reality?

Blade Runner (Rachael)
Memory is the essence of soul. If all the memories are stored digitally, how to distinguish “soul”? Will there be collective consciousness when the boundaries between individuals are blurred?

Cowboy Bebop - Brain Scratch
Relationship between media and digital consciousness.