Use one of the generators implemented in this notebook as a starting point for your creation.

For assignment 1, I chose Takoro Gorge’s generator in order to dive deeper into the arrangement of different kinds of words, so I analyzed the random() function used in the code and the choice of words.

From my own interpretation:
<above> and the <below> refer to the landscape component of different altitudes.
<transitive> refers to the action being performed towards something follows.
<imperative> refers to an order or command being cast to something follows.
<intransitive> refers to the action that cannot be performed towards something.
<texture> refers to the specific adjective related to touching sense.
<adjectives> refers to all kinds of descriptive words.

random.sample(list1, k): randomly select k amount of elements from list1 remaining the original sequence of all elements(e.g [“1”,2”,”3”,”4”,”5”], 2 -> 2,5)
This part generates a sentence where the higher landscape performs certain action towards the lower landscape.

s.join(list1): separate and weave every element of list1 together using string s.
This part generates a sentence describing an abstract atmospheric active course.

This part generates a sentence describing an activity between two natural objects of different altitudes.

I am exploring the metaphor between synthetic architecture and self for my thesis so I wonder if I can get something new from generated text. 
The relationship between abstract body movement and synthetic architecture.
The mutual and inner emotional effect between body and architecture.

I refer to the book “On the Heights of Despair” by E.M Cioran. The chapter “Weariness and Agony” “Melancholy” talks about the feeling of solid and substantial in us that melts away in fluidity, so I want to extract some emotional words from his text.
Besides, I have been experimenting loop concept in spatial language, I choose the intransitives describing water cycle to represent the loop concept.

While the adjective could give the space a physical description, the intransitiive follows could personify the space which offers it the liveness.
Fingers sweep the pillar. 
Boundless pillar giggles
Melancholy melts.

Limbs knock the pillar.
Endless arch rests
Regret precipitates.

Palms hold the walls.
Straight wall screams
Solitude condenses.
Noses kiss the roof.
Void roof shivers
Despair evaporates.

Toes sweep the staircases.
Endless wall hums
Regret precipitates.

Fingers kiss the doors.
Boundless floor rests
Weariness condenses.