Avatar systems for self-portrait


ReadyPlayerMe is a cross-game avatar platform for the Metaverse, it features the combination of automatic generation from a real photo and customization.
It’s clear to see from the beginning I chose “don’t define gender” and then it gave me a male body base d on my photo, which means that the calculation behind is stereotipical and has no awareness of the diversity of physical body due to limited choice. I couldn’t make the body more unisex.
According to its presumption for a male avatar, I found it gave me facial features with sharper lineament, so I chose the smalles face choice it offered and it surprisingly fitted well. The eyebrow is also too thick and tough for me, I alternate it with a round and soft one which can give the male avatar the femininity of my facial features.
The hair I chose was pretty perfect for my current style so it immediately looks much more like me, which means hairstyle is actually a prominent element of a self-portrait avatar.
This system also offers some gross choices for the clothes. It’s quite disappointing because I quite favor outfit styling which reveals personality as well.


MakeHuman is a software targeted at creating 3D characters for art, it features detailed adjustments on physical body.
I focused on the figure in this software and I’m quite satisfied with its sliders for detailed adjustment at first so I can quickly shape it into my silhouette. The interesting thing is that I have been working out routinely and I paid much attention on my muscle distribution, so I feel like examing my muscle during the shaping. It’s also tricky since I will adjust some parts I’m not content slightly perfect to my expectation. The psychological process is like projective identification, I project myself onto the avatar but also adjust it into my expectation so I identify the greater one as myself to get the satisfication.
But the excitement declined as it went on since I got tired of adjusting so many details. I don’t have acess to the any hair or clothes in this software. I’ve never seen myself without hair since I could remember, so it’s more important for me to have adequate options for hair, which somehow determines your look in general.


I chose these two tools for purpose for they are like the two extremes of possiblities and focus.  The Readyplayer.me is rough but the appropriate outfit can bring up most of the crucial characteristics in general. While MakeHuman is detailed in human figure but the overloaded adjustments somehow exceed the necessity for an avatar to be looked at. 
In terms of the psychological process, I tend to polish the avatar to my expectation so I can identify this greater version of me as myself. I will act like a microscope to detect this avatar as I detect myself. But I prefer rough avatar with more choices on the outfit when it comes to projection. I want to project my own personality onto the avatar by dressing it up like me.